Gray Color in an Excellent Feng Shui Kitchen Area

This soft gray color kitchen has exceptional feng shui energy– warm, airy, inviting; and the specific shade of gray color has a soft and nurturing quality of energy. While not the most popular color for the cooking area, gray is having a big comeback and can produce outstanding feng shui energy in your kitchen if you know how to utilize it.

This kitchen has great feng shui due to the fact that the gray color of cabinets is softened by numerous various wood tones– the warm wood of the ladder, the lighter wood of the kitchen area island top, along with the wood of the stools. In addition, the distressed vintage white color architectural information of the kitchen area island make it all really unique and the paneling inside the cabinets brings much more heat to this kitchen area.

With an abundance of natural light and subtle sweet details (observe the charming red and yellow color birds mobile); this is definitely a great feng shui cooking area!

Sky Blue and Earth Colors Kitchen.

While blue color can be a challenging feng shui color for the kitchen, this specific cooking area has the best possible blue, in addition to its best color friend– a great choice of relaxing and stabilizing earthy color. We love this kitchen area since of its excellent and fresh color mix and the natural energy it brings– in some way it resembles the sky and earth, and it feels very airy, fresh and happy.

If you have a cooking area in the North bagua area and do not like the option of blue color as the very best feng shui color for this location, take a look at this blue– who can ever be disturbed in such a fresh, cool and calm, delighted kitchen area?

A Cooking area in Green and Yellow Colors.

We like the combination of green and yellow colors in this kitchen area– both colors considered excellent feng shui colors for a cooking area. The color “dose” is done so masterfully; it leaves you desiring for more (versus feeling “Wow, no, I have actually had too much color!”).

The kitchen area has a great balance in the play of creative and warm colors with the structured cooling energy of the cabinets hardware, the oven hood, and the clean black color counter top.

This is a lovely and colorful kitchen area with just the best balance of calming and lively energies.

A Classic White Color Kitchen.

White color in the kitchen area is still a favorite kitchen color for many. There is something about the simplicity and freshness of white color that permits a well-loved kitchen area to really come to life. For those who like to cook, entering a well designed white cooking area resembles starting a new painting– a fresh new canvas, a new beginning every early morning.

This kitchen has a stunning balance of white color with warm wood tones with a cooling impact of metal feng shui element details. It is basic, unpretentious, and just waiting to be cooked in!

Spectacular Black Cooking Area.

Lisa Cohen for Livingetc by means of
This kitchen has a great yin yang dynamic of white and black colors with some wonderful brilliant accents (yellow chair and purple-blue cushions).

Excellent look, excellent energy, terrific design.

Fresh Mint Green Color Kitchen.

Love the fresh mint green color in this cooking area and the exposed brick wall, too. Outstanding feng shui for an East or Southeast dealing with kitchen.

A Well Balanced Red Color Cooking Area.

This kitchen makes a great usage of the vibrant and brilliant energy of red color. While not easy to deal with (and not good feng shui for any bagua area kitchen), the vibrant energy of red is utilized here in simply the right amount. The color has a strong existence, however it is not overwhelming.

Notification how skillfully red color is integrated with white, as well as the cooling stainless-steel details. You have red color on the bottom level and then a band of red high up on top close to the ceiling, while the center/middle is airy and fresh. Excellent usage of red color in the kitchen!

Calm Yellow Green Color Kitchen.

This stunning yellow-green cooking area color is really soothing and strong, calm and nourishing. Outstanding feng shui for a Northeast or Southwest area cooking area.

Gray and Yellow Color Kitchen Area.

A wonderful pop of saturated yellow color in this beautiful grey cooking area makes it definitely adorable! We love the play of all colors, and we absolutely like this specific cashmere gray color.

Dark Green and Brass Kitchen.

The stunning relationship of dark green color with the copper details in this cooking area make it into a work of art. Terrific feng shui for a Southeast or South cooking area.

Fresh Blue and White Color Cooking Area.

The charming fresh blue and white color combo make this cooking area a delight to be in! Great feng shui for a North facing kitchen area.

Modern Wood End Up Kitchen.

While the predominantly wood surfaces in the kitchen area are becoming less and less popular, we find this particular cooking area stunning and welcoming. Excellent feng shui for an East or Southeast dealing with kitchen.

Salsa Red and Black Color Kitchen.

We like the marriage of the dancing salsa red color with calm strong black in this beautiful kitchen! Terrific feng shui for a South location kitchen area.

Light Wood and Gray Color Cooking Area.

Lovely light wood information with soft grey color walls make this kitchen area lovely and nourishing. Terrific feng shui for a West or Northwest location kitchen.

Pink Color Kitchen Area.

Simply when you believe that the pink color can never ever operate in the kitchen area, you see something that can completely change your mind. This charming kitchen comes to show that pink can actually work in the kitchen area if utilized mindfully. Excellent feng shui for a Southwest cooking area. Adding a bit of orange color makes it really pop.

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